Action on temporary closure of Craigshill Shopping Mall

Before the election last year I was in touch with a number of businesses and local groups who were concerned about the temporary closure of the Mall, which we all hoped would be short term following a fire in the building.

Both myself and Angela Constance MSP have made representations to the owner and have been working to get the Mall reopened as soon as possible. Unfortunately to date this has not happened and therefore I have asked to meet with the owner face to face which I will be doing later this week. 

I will also be speaking with representatives for the Mall later this week and want to present a clear, up-to-date picture of the impact the closure has had on business owners and the local community.

As well as ongoing business consultations, I’d like to hear from members of the community who have been affected by the closure of the Mall for the past six months.

  • Have you been impacted by reduced opening hours or the closure of shops? 
  • Have you had to travel to withdraw money following the closure of the ATMs? 
  • What are your concerns for the future of the Mall?

Email your comments to and I will ensure all issues are raised with Mall management.

Please be assured, Angela Constance MSP and I are both pressing hard for a resolution, this situation simply cannot continue. =Having grown up in Craigshill I understand the importance of the Mall to local residents in Craigshill and the surrounding areas.

Everyone thought it would be a short closure but it has gone on too long; the Mall is a big part of the Craigshill Community and as such must be re-opened and fully accessible as soon as possible, for the sake of business owners and the benefit of local people.