Food standards issues post Brexit

#Save our Standards and food standards issues post Brexit

I absolutely share your concerns about the prospect of lower food standards following trade deals with the US, and consumer group ‘Which?’ also found that 72% of people in the UK do not want food that does not meeting current standards, which would have an effect on consumers’ health.

While we do not oppose all trade with the US, the SNP is clear that this should never happen at the expense of consumers (in particular our children) and the current standards in all consumer goods should be maintained as an absolute minimum.

I and my SNP colleagues fully support a ban on the import of food which is produced to standards lower than those in the UK, or using practices which are illegal in the UK for health and environment reasons, including chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-injected beef.

This is why I fully support Amendment 16 to the Agriculture Bill, which will ensure that trade deals can only allow food imports that meet or exceed the UK’s animal welfare, environmental and food safety standards.

Unfortunately, the current Conservative government is in a position to force any changes that they want through parliament, including withholding absolute transparency and democracy surrounding the Bill and its amendments.

My colleagues and I therefore believe that these decisions can be taken for Scotland without Scotland’s consent, and while we will do all that we can to resist these changes as part of the UK, we believe that the only way to protect Scotland’s interest is for it to become independent.