In Parliament, my driving force is representing the people of Livingston and the interests of Scotland.

It’s important that you are kept up-to-date on what I’m tackling in Westminster as SNP Spokesperson for Consular Affairs and International Engagement and Founder and Chair of the APPG on Deaths Abroad, Consular Service and Assistance.

When it looks like an issue needs to reach a wider audience, I work to ensure that happens: when necessary, I take the issues I debate in the House and address them in the media. Here, you can catch up on my recent debates and interviews.

You can also discover more about the people I am meeting with and the issues I am addressing in Parliament here.

  • Interview on Channel 4 News

    To discuss Sunday Trading

  • BBC News interview

    On Tories welfare cuts

  • Speech on the UK Leaving the EU - 18/01/17

SNP Spokesperson | Scotland in the World | Consular Affairs and International Engagement

During my time at Westminster, I have been raising issues brought to me by my constituents, asking questions of the Government and trying to fight on a number of fronts. There is always lots going on but as an overview, I have been working on:-

  • trying to get the Government to re-think the timing of its decision about the state pension age for women (the WASPI campaign);
  • ensuring the current inquiry into Primodos (dubbed the ‘forgotten thalidomide’) is open so that families affected by hormone pregnancy testing in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s get some answers to the questions asked;
  • fighting for justice for a family who lost a loved one abroad to get answers on how she died;
  • fighting for a constituent who was human trafficked;
  • campaigning for an Independent Aviation Noise Authority (IANA) as recommended by The Airports Commission: Final Report (known as The Davies Report, particularly in light of the recommended expansion at Heathrow airport;
  • clarity for businesses of the apprenticeship levy guidance, particularly in terms of how it will work in Scotland and for the oil and gas sector;
  • promoting equality of women in the workplace
  • promoting Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual and Intersex (LGBTI) rights;
  • promoting Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects;
  • promoting idea of Small Business Commissioner for Scotland.