Parliamentary Inquiry into Amazon

There are some very large organisations that have benefited significantly from the pandemic and we should be looking to them in order to fund some of our fiscal stimulus needs going forward.

The SNP supported a digital services tax brought in on April 1 2020. It levied 2% from search engines, social media firms and online marketplaces. The SNP has also called for the UK Government to levy a windfall tax against companies profiting from the pandemic to fund economic recovery.

Our call mirrors that of the Resolution Foundation, which confirmed a 10% tax on above normal profits would raise £130 million.

I have read with horror the reports of employment practices at Amazon describing gruelling conditions, unrealistic productivity targets, surveillance, bogus self-employment and a refusal to recognise or engage with unions unless forced.

This is completely unacceptable in modern day Scotland and Amazon must be held accountable.

Rest assured I and my colleagues will continue to raise the issue of workers’ rights at Westminster, including through my SNP MP colleague Gavin Newlands’ Fire/Rehire Bill. The UK Government must implement this legislation to protect workers’ from exploitative employment practices at the benefit of profits for big businesses.