Stop Sea Blasts Campaign

When constructing any aspect of national infrastructure, care must absolutely be given for the impact that this will have on the natural habitat and wildlife. The safety and security of windfarms is also paramount: not just ensuring the secure operation of what is a part of energy production, but also the security of engineers and maintenance crews.

The SNP will always support the safest and most-environmentally sound option when it comes to issues relating to construction. Wherever there is a safe way of destroying left over munitions that does not damage the natural environment then this absolutely must always be the first option.

This should be addressed as a matter of urgency since we are looking towards a rapid increase in renewables infrastructure, and the necessary guidance for handling cases of munitions on the seabed should be issued to ensure that there is no undue impact on wildlife and their environment. Regulations should reflect that desire to protect the environment, as well as ensure the safety on installation of key projects.